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AVG Antivirus Pro for Android 2019 Version

Android has acquired 81% of the total smartphone market across the world. Instead of sharing bulk amount of devices, android also pay attention towards the security of user’s information. Here we are sharing some of the useful tips related to this amazing antivirus product. It might help you to choose a better security services for your android smartphone. Every database in the world need a fine quality of firewall product to secure data information. It is very important to perform such activities which cannot be possible without an all-rounder antivirus installed in the system. In this article, you will find some of the erotic factors that may help you while selecting a better security vendor. AVG is a well-known endorsed product that proudly provides data security to millions of people. People are using it since long and they don’t have any issue yet. Reason is AVG do not fall down the benchmark of the security chart. It completes all the required factors for being a satisfying product. As compare to AVG, other leading antivirus do not complete security firewall factor as well.

AVG Antivirus Pro for Android 2019

But AVG gives its honest performance to its users as there is no value of trust that built up for AVG in people mind. Therefore Avg never compromise privacy and security aspects of users at any cost. This delivers pure optimal scanning, detecting mechanism and analyzation of the action to be taken. It comes in two variants that is paid and free. Free AVG antivirus download for android smartphone is available for the free of cost at play store, but lacks at some of important features. Whereas paid version is a fully upgraded application available for android devices. Tracking out performance chart of the year 2017-2018, you can easily judge which one is better in all aspects. AVG simply nailed it.

Cost (Rs. 993 Approx)

As we have discussed above, it is available in two different versions. One is Paid or Upgraded AVG antivirus 2019 and other one is free module. Only difference between both of these modules are its cost and some of outstanding features missing in the free version. Due to which they both differentiate from each other. But apart from these, there are no any difference in case of working mechanism. You can observe that secure wall against Trojans. AVG works like a shield that protects you against all sort of virus, Trojans, spyware, malware, worms etc. You don’t need to tackle any of these, because AVG do it free for you.

 You need to pay Rs. 994 if you want to get full upgraded version into your android smartphone. Hence it delivers number of application you can use to secure data, whereas AVG is on the Top of chart. You can get a free version of AVG application installed in your android based smartphone. All you need to do is, go to the Google play store from the android smartphone, tap on the search bar and type AVG free download. Select the free version from the given option, and if you want to upgrade current AVG antivirus click on the paid version given over there. You can also do it through application homepage menu.

Key specs

  • Link scanner
  • DNS Security
  • Email Scanner
  • Data Analyzation
  • Anti-Spamming Option
  • Wi-Fi Guard
  • Online Shopping Protection

Above mentioned features are only few of list prepared by the experts. It is also available for Windows OS, iOS users as well. Again available in the same genre in both of the categories along with some changes in it.


This was all about the incredible AVG Antivirus 2019. You can get more reasons to choose this application over other after checking out the reviews of AVG antivirus, online. Hence before you check out with other application, we recommend AVG Antivirus to all our visitors as compare to other. This suits every need of the action required for the file safety aspect. For more enquiry, visit the official website of AVG company and discover more about this rigid shield named AVG.

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