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MacOS is a big technology giant and known as the biggest operating system till date along with Windows. Both of these are applicable on different product like MacOS is made for Apple products only whereas Windows is a open source operating system. Both of these have some differences in case of software and programs. For instance, if you want to use Notepad on MacOS, you need to buy it. But on the same time Notepad is a text editor available for free in Windows operating system. In this way, some of differences are seen on various parameters in Windows and MacOS. If you are willing to opt a consistent and rigid security shield for either your Windows or MacOS, here is a common suite for both called AVG. AVG Antivirus is a antivirus which works on both of the operating system and on others too. This is a protection suite which you can use on Windows as well as MacOS. Just in case you are confused about to make a choice, let us make you clear about. In this article we are going to talk about various unique factors included in AVG antivirus. Moreover we will also put light on AVG Antivirus 2019 version which is going to be launched soon.

Lets be sure about the basic qualities and facilities of AVG Antivirus. An ideal antivirus is meant to secure system database and media stuff. This is made up for protecting data against malware, trojans and spammers. Lot of spammers out there are waiting for the right moment to attack certain user with weak system security. in other words if your antivirus is not that fast to track what is wrong, then there are more chances for your data to be stealed. To make it safe and sound, just grab the new version of AVG Antivirus 2019. It is a power packed antivirus known for its compatibility, efficiency and peak performance. This has strong and straightforward terminology against infected files. AVG & Avast are not a single shelter company and both of these are working so hard to provide hack-less data security to user. Millions of users are still facing problems like Phishing, spamming and hacking. And the reason is they are not aware about AVG Antivirus. Therefore if you are fed up of silly scanning and fake removal of infected minor files, then wake up for this jaw dropping antivirus suite.

Unlike Others,

Hundreds of antivirus are available in market and almost of them are kind of spam. After the installation of antivirus, they start reporting false expression about the infected files. Later, user don’t get intentions of developers because all they want to do is put user in illusion. More the time user uses the antivirus, more it will have time to be rooted in the deep memory slots. In result, it becomes so hard to remove. But for AVG Antivirus, it just a matter of seconds because AVG Antivirus provides the boot time scanning to its users. So that user get the tracking of the virus right before the booting up. In case if user don’t get it, AVG itself schedule it. Boot time scanning is a scanning which is performed while the computer system is about to be started. The loading files are about to be loaded into to the main memory to start computer. Right at that moment, antivirus launches the scanning process because it is the stage when infected file and virus are inactive. Infected files or virus are not in condition to jump from the memory slots. Hence in this way all this procedure happen inside the computer system while boot up task. It hardly take half an hour to cover whole computer scanning and later it will be ask for approval to delete, repair infected files. In this way AVG antivirus user can get rid of infected files and heavy trojans.

Get Updated

Coming to the most important part of AVG Antivirus, this program suite is equipped up with nail biting features that will mezmerize you for a while. This has a simple user interface because this is main portion every user go through. User can find each and every function with ease. No issue will be raised in sort of control, function placement etc, Moving ahead, AVG antivirus will provide you instant Virus Updation notification right after the developer rolled it on internet. This will help your AVG antivirus 2019 to get latest information about virus definition. Apart from this, AVG user can also get benefit of monitoring remote devices as well. A smartphone application is available for all operating system like Android, Apple Product etc. Through this application user can view all the activities running on the remote devices. It mean user can maintain all devices on one screen remotely at anywhere anytime. For more information you can have brief idea about product from the official website.

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