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AVG PC TuneUp could be a PC system optimization app that guarantees to supply additional allocating space, quicker speeds, longer battery life and fewer bally all with a set-and-forget interface that works mechanically. With 17 tools, it is a full suite of Windows utility software system. AVG additionally guarantees it will restore your PC to its original speed. Whereas it did not turn out spectacular enhancements to our take a look at PC, it did improve boot-up speed dramatically. If your PC is not running as swimmingly because it did once you initial took it out of the box, the possible perpetrator could be a fragmented Winchester drive, an overabundance of junk files, a Windows register in disarray, or a mixture of these ills. AVG TuneUp improves your computer’s performance by dig deep into the system to perform several duties, as well as removing junk files, uninstalling inessential programs, and defragmenting your Winchester drive. Even higher, you’ll currently install the tune-up utility on as several computers as you need. AVG Tuneup packs a beautiful one-two punch of effectiveness and price that produces it a replacement Editors’ alternative for tune-up utilities.

For each PC cleaner in our review, we tend to use the program’s optimization tools on a take a look at pc. We have used various benchmark performance each before and when optimization. The benchmark tests measured word and processing, graphics process, internet browsing and video chat quality. We tend to additionally benchmark the boot-up speed and evaluated the diagnostic consistency of the app. It’s important to notice that each computer is totally different. Even as AVG states on its web site, an equivalent goes for high 10 Reviews. The results of our tests are solely indicative, and your results could vary.

Cleanup method

After you stir up the program, you are prompted to run a system scan that digs up register and defragmentation issues, still as alternative problems. Then it is time to explore the tune-up utility’s several options. Clicking Show Details at a lower place every drawback count takes you to a replacement screen that describes the issues in everyday language. Clicking the Run Maintenance button cleans up the mess. In my testing, it eliminated all the listed issues on my take a look at PC. Overall, Download AVG PC TuneUp with improved look at PC by 9.5% on the average that was on top of average, although not vital enough to be noticeable in daily usage. Compared, the most effective PC system utility software system in an equivalent test PC by simply 12.5 percent that is additionally too insignificant to be noticeable while not benchmark software system. Almost every antivirus in our list of Best Antivirus 2019 holds the real-time protection. It has several logics and definitions of virus that variable according to the new date. its starts when your system boot-up and provide the protection from base level. Infact when you get online, it provide the online security as well. This means you can surf freely. But we must recommend you to update the virus definition 24*7, so that you can get the better virus protection.

Where this app very shines is that the boot-up speed that was modified by 25.5 percent. This is often undoubtedly noticeable. For instance, if your boot-up speed is one minute, this is often an improvement of over 15 seconds. It had been the competition boot-up improvement in our tests.

All Tuned Up

AVG PC Tuneup 2019 for Windows delivered glorious leads to my speed tests, with class leader Iolo delivering solely slightly higher numbers. AVG’s multi-platform package and its ability to remotely initiate a tune up simply makes up the distinction, however. You’ll install it on as several compatible devices as you want, that makes it an excellent alternative for a unit with multiple devices to guard. In our tests, we’d scan our take a look at PC for problems. Then we’d fix the problems and scan the pc once more directly later on. If the app is consistent, it should not acknowledge any problems directly when fixing them.

After nearly 30 rounds of consistency tests, this PC cleaner app continuing to seek out problems on later scans. However, diagnostic inconsistency does not essentially replicate the app’s ability to enhance your PC’s performance. As noted, despite the inconsistency, AVG PC TuneUp was still on top of average and still created glorious boot-up enhancements.

AVG PC TuneUp contains a sleek interface that appears nice, however that does not perpetually translate to simple use. In our analysis, it received a C for the simple use, which implies that novice users may feel lost as they navigate through all the tools. However, simple installation received an A, creating it one among the best product for a novice user to put in. There are two types of antivirus exist in list. This is one of the biggest question arise when you about to select an antivirus for your machine. It is nothing but the limit of the features that are being provided by the vendors. In the free antivirus(trail version) company gives you a limited control and features with it. The basic asset you get is the overview of that product. But if you want to get more features or extended quality of the product then you need to upgrade it to the paid version.


Well guys you can easily get the trail version of this amazing software because they launched this trail to make their customers ready to trust. And when after the trail period you can extend it or we can say upgrade it by paying Rs.1,148.00/year. Yes it is that simple.

PROS – It improves the boot-up speed by 25.5%.

CONS – The diagnostic consistency score is incredibly low at 45.5%.

Wrapping Up

Friends AVG PC TuneUp improve PC’s overall performance by a lot. It increases boot-up speed considerably, despite being an awesome and consistent diagnostic tool. If you have still any doubt about AVG PC Tuneup 2019 for Windows, kindly let us know in the comment section below.

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