Download AVG Antivirus for Android & iOS Devices (Tablets & Smartphones)

Even though it’s less to be expected that your Apple iPad or iPhone or any Android Tablet or Smartphone is going to be infested by malware in comparison to the Desktop or PC, it doesn’t signify they are totally protected, therefore, keeping your Android and Apple iOS device well-protected by an antivirus is really essential and are going to deliver the additional protection you require for your device.

Even if it is any malicious website, web trackers, frustrating ads, or just somebody catching hold of your device whilst aren’t near it or are away, there are many things to be apprehensive about especially if you have an Apple device at home. Hence, to get the required defense against these security threats, AVG has come up with the perfect antivirus solution that has been particularly personalized for the Android and iOS devices.

Thus, installing the AVG Internet Security Antivirus Software in your iOS or Android device is certainly going to help in defending you as well as your device from both local intruders and web-centered threats, with authoritative features, functionalities, and top-quality identity theft security.

We must also tell you that you might come across several similar looking antivirus programs on the web, but we guarantee that only a few would be able to deliver on their potentials, but AVG Antivirus is one of the Best iPhone & Android antivirus on the market as of now.

AVG Internet Security for Android & iOS Download

The AVG Internet Security is going to scan your iOS and Android device for the malicious programs and software and provides you with an affluence of associated security features solely if you go with the annual subscription. Apart from the free version of AVG Internet security, there’s also a Pro version that is going to deliver additional impressive features to keep your device well away from intruders as well as security threats both offline and online.

AVG Internet Security for iOS & Android – Top-Notch Features

Dominant Mobile Security

The AVG Internet Security Antivirus software application was the first one on Google Play to reach past the 100 million download mark and is being utilized today to protect the devices such as tablets and smartphones all over the world. As soon as this antivirus software is installed, it functions silently to defend you and your device from the modern-day viruses, spyware, malware, unsafe settings and applications, annoying callers, and other horrible threats.

Find your Device Remotely & Lock It

With the AVG Antivirus Software, you solely need to login to the Anti-Theft official website from any other device to find and track the device that you have lost on Google Maps. You might as well remotely get it locked and flash an alarm at the loudest volume setting. On top of that, in case you consider your mobile phone or tablet is gone, you may even distantly wipe it to avoid any of your personal data from reaching the wrong person or individual.

AVG Antivirus Pro – Features

Apart from the basic and fundamental features provided by the free version of AVG Internet Security, its PRO version has a lot more in store for you to guard your Android and iOS device in an even further effective manner. Have a look at some of those described down below:

App Lock

With this quality feature, you might easily avert other people from catching hold of your personal photos, docs, and messages by getting your apps locked through a PIN code. The App Lock is moreover going to help in locking the potentially profound applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. if in case you use them.

Camera Trap

Using the AVG Antivirus, you are going to know in case an annoying person tries his or her hand at snooping on your tablet or smartphone. Whilst anybody misses the mark 3 times to get your device unlocked, the Camera Trap feature is going to click them using the front camera and afterward email that clicked photograph to you together with the location and time of the event.

Device Lock

Once someone has stolen a phone or tablet, a thief is customarily going to take SIM card off. However, with the Device Lock feature defending your smartphone, in case anybody substitutes or swaps the SIM card, your mobile phone or tablet is going to be locked so as to keep them at bay from making calls and retrieving your secretive data.

App Backup

Apart from top-level mobile security, AVG AntiVirus provides the user with the App Backup feature so as to assist them in taking regular back up of the important apps to the SD card so that you under no circumstances get caught lacking your preferred games and software applications.

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